Welcome to Story Training with Stephanie Garibaldi

Welcome to Story Training with Stephanie Garibaldi

About Story and Stephanie

Story skills will change your life for good.

Learning  to tell your own true stories in compelling and connective ways will  improve your personal life, your professional life, and yes, your love  life forever more.  You're welcome. 

Get Stephanie Garibaldi working for you

Stephanie  Garibaldi is the hardest working story coach in the DC metro  area--possibly the world. Stephanie has personally trained thousands in  the art of story, from ages 5 - 95, from students to CEOs, and from  beginners to professional speakers. Her mission is to spread story love  worldwide, one client at a time. 

Find out how Stephanie can help you

Stephanie  will customize her story trainings to suit your needs and preferences,  whether you're interested in private, small-group, or organization-wide  training. 


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Contact Stephanie

Don't be shy, meet Stephanie in person

 Stephanie  is happy to meet to discuss the many possibilities with anyone local to  the DC-MD-VA area. Email at sgaribaldi@gmail.com or text at 301-675-0698 to set up a convenient  appointment soon.  

Talk with Stephanie from anywhere

If you're located anywhere else in the world outside DC, you can still talk with her live-ish via Skype through her ID: StephanieGForce.